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Russia still eyeing Formula 1 team - minister

It’s a "very complex technological project"



12 October 2019 - 13:44
Russia still eyeing Formula 1 team (...)

A Russian government minister is still talking about the prospect of a Russian Formula 1 team.

At Sochi recently, trade and industry minister Denis Manturov said a Russian team is "not far off". His comments came at the same time as Formula 1 and the FIA played down the prospect of new teams joining for 2021.

But minister Manturov, who was appointed directly by Vladimir Putin, is still making noises about a Russian F1 team.

"I think first of all we should talk about the appearance of a Russian team," he told the state-owned Russia-24 television broadcaster on Friday.

"Then at the second or third stage we can talk about the car and our technological, production and development capabilities. The car is a high tech and very complex technological project," minister Manturov added.


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