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Zandvoort denies agreeing to scrap non-F1 races

The source is "not well informed"



9 October 2019 - 17:44
Zandvoort denies agreeing to scrap (...)

Zandvoort has denied that it will cancel a number of motor racing events in order to ensure that the Dutch GP takes place as scheduled next May.

It has emerged that several environmental groups are causing legal trouble for the race organisers, which at best could delay the track’s necessary upgrade works.

"They want at least three races to not go ahead," a source told De Volkskrant newspaper. It is suggested that by scrapping three non-F1 races at Zandvoort, the environmental groups might be appeased.

Zandvoort says talks held so far have been "constructive", but added: "No statements will be made about the content of those conversations."

A spokesman for the circuit also said the environmental groups are using the publicity generated by Formula 1 as "leverage" to raise their concerns about the local area.

But in a statement, the race organisers denied that they will cancel events to appease the groups, describing de Volkskrant’s sources as "not well informed".


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