Raikkonen, Verstappen not expecting to be ’rusty’

"I have been working out and kept active, doing sports"



12 June 2020 - 14:45
Raikkonen, Verstappen not expecting (...)

Kimi Raikkonen is not expecting to struggle in Austria next month even though Formula 1 drivers have not raced since late last year.

Some, like the Alfa Romeo driver’s teammate Antonio Giovinazzi, think the drivers will be "rusty" once the initial eight-race European season kicks off.

But Finn Raikkonen - F1’s oldest and most experienced driver - said: "I don’t think it will make much of a difference for us drivers.

"I have been working out and kept active, doing sports. Being away from the car is something we do every winter, this is just a bit longer than usual but it will feel the same when we are back in the car," he added.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen is also not worried, telling Germany’s Sky that although racing with no spectators will be "very different", the drivers will quickly adjust.

"I think we only need a few laps to be back at the limit," said the Dutchman. "We have been racing for so long, these three or four months will not be a problem."

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