2021 aero rule changes are ’drastic’ - Wolff

"We will have to compensate in some other way"



19 January 2021 - 08:24
2021 aero rule changes are ’drastic’ (...)

Those who think 2021 will be a carbon copy of last year may be mistaken, according to dominant Formula 1 team Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff.

Although the sweeping new rules have been delayed until 2022 because of covid, Wolff said mandatory aerodynamic changes for this year could shake up the pecking order.

Not just that, Mercedes’ innovative DAS steering system has been banned.

"DAS was a good tool that helped us to warm the tyres," Wolff told motorsport-total.com. "But it wasn’t the magic bullet that some people often said it was.

"Nonetheless we will have to compensate in some other way," he added.

Wolff also said Mercedes is not underestimating the aero rule changes for 2021.

"Everybody is talking about the rule changes for 2022, but there is already a rather drastic one for 2021," he said. "We will lose a lot of downforce - everyone will."


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