Ticktum denies leaving Williams over Latifi insult

"It wasn’t announced until now..."



4 August 2021 - 08:33
Ticktum denies leaving Williams (...)

Dan Ticktum’s on-again, off-again flirtation with a career in Formula 1 has been flicked back into the ’off’ position.

The controversial 22-year-old Briton’s name first came to prominence as a member of Red Bull’s famous driver program, but he joined Williams’ similar program ahead of the 2020 season.

Currently fourth overall in Formula 2, however, Ticktum was suddenly ousted "with immediate effect" by Williams this week, with F1’s official website saying "the reasons for his departure remain unclear".

However, it is notable that Ticktum - with a negative reputation in some corners of the F1 paddock - was critical of Williams’ Nicholas Latifi during a recent Twitch live stream.

Indeed, Ticktum mocked the Canadian by calling Latifi "sh*t" and "paid to be there", the latter being a clear reference to his wealthy father Michael.

But Ticktum denied that was the reason for his departure.

"Myself and Williams parted ways before the recent Latifi-related incident, just so people know," he said on social media.

"It wasn’t announced until now as there was no option for an F1 seat in 2022 for me.

"Thank you to Williams for the opportunity," Ticktum added. "Happy to work together in the future."

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