’Too early’ to reveal Indycar news - Grosjean

"I am tempted by many projects"



1 February 2021 - 09:50
’Too early’ to reveal Indycar news - (...)

It is "too early" to reveal whether Romain Grosjean will race in Indycar in 2021.

Indycar team owner Dale Coyne last week admitted his interest in signing up the former Formula 1 driver, whose burnt hands from the fiery Bahrain crash are now almost fully recovered.

"I posted pictures when I decided that my hands were almost presentable," the 34-year-old Frenchman told RMC.

"I had times that were not much fun and I saw parts of my anatomy that I didn’t necessarily want to see. But I’m recovering well," the former Haas driver said.

"It’s still painful and I will keep some scars, but honestly I’m not going to complain. Actually, if I had sat in flames for 28 seconds and didn’t have a single scar, I would have been disappointed," Grosjean laughed.

As for the Indycar link, he insisted: "It’s still too early to say, but what is certain is that I feel ready to start racing again.

"I am tempted by many projects - Le Mans, what’s going on in the United States, the Paris-Dakar," Grosjean added.

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