Steiner ramps up pressure on Haas supplier Ferrari

"We know where we are at the moment"



3 September 2020 - 09:39
Steiner ramps up pressure on Haas (...)

Gunther Steiner is ramping up the pressure on Haas’ crisis-struck engine supplier Ferrari.

The Haas boss was asked if it was satisfying to see the small American team’s Romain Grosjean duelling with the struggling works Ferraris at Spa.

"Well, at least Romain was able to fight, but let’s be honest," Steiner responded. "We don’t go to world championship races so we can fight for 13th.

"What is satisfying about that?"

Steiner’s comments come as Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto admits it could be "years" before the Italian team gets back up to full speed in Formula 1.

It is a major blow for Haas, who in the space of a year went from having the best engine in Formula 1 to the worst, following the legality scandal of 2019.

"We know where we are at the moment. You can imagine how we feel," said Steiner.

"Nothing is moving forward with the engine, and the cars will be more or less in this form in 2021 as well. In Monza we will see a copy of Spa.

"Ferrari can’t do anything with the engine this season," he admitted. "I can’t say exactly what they will do for 2021 but I know they are working on the problem as I ask about it every day.

"But I don’t have any exact answers either. We won’t find out exactly where we will be with the engine until next year," he added.

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