Red Bull to use ’Racing Point model’ for Alpha Tauri - Marko

"If the Racing Point is legal"



20 July 2020 - 10:54
Red Bull to use ’Racing Point model’ (...)

Alpha Tauri will ’do a Racing Point’ if the FIA declares that the Silverstone based team’s controversial 2020 car is fully legal.

Renault rounded out the weekend’s Hungarian GP by doubling down on its official protest against the car that is being called the ’pink Mercedes’.

"We hope that after the FIA decision there will finally be clarity," Red Bull’s top Austrian official Dr Helmut Marko told Sport1.

The decision is expected either this week or early next week.

"If the Racing Point is legal, we will do the same with Alpha Tauri," Marko announced.

"Then there will be at least four Mercedes, four Red Bulls and maybe up to six Ferraris on the grid next year," said Marko.

Marko said Alpha Tauri’s former identity, Toro Rosso, only managed to win a grand prix with Sebastian Vettel in 2008 thanks to the earlier customer car era.

The sport ended that practice soon afterwards, but Marko says the Racing Point protest outcome could "save our second team money while making it more competitive".

Asked how Red Bull would go about it this time around, he answered: "With the Racing Point model.

"Take a photo of the car from every angle and then reproduce the parts. We believe you could leave that effort out by simply defining what is allowed and what is not," said Marko.

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