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Kaltenborn eyes move into football management

"I want to help to make Rapid a top brand"



25 November 2019 - 17:06
Kaltenborn eyes move into football (...)

Monisha Kaltenborn’s next move could be into the world of football.

The 48-year-old became the first female team boss and owner until the takeover of the Sauber team in 2016.

Germany’s Auto Bild now reports that she is supporting Martin Bruckner’s bid to become president of the Austrian football club SK Rapid Wien.

The election will be held on Monday.

Indian-born Austrian Kaltenborn said: "Both Formula 1 and football are team sports, where every wheel has to move in order to succeed.

"Every child plays with cars, and every child has a football," she added.

Kaltenborn added that she has memories of being taken by her father to watch the club play football in Vienna as a child.

She now thinks she can play an important role in SK Rapid Wien’s future.

"I have a lot of contacts in Formula 1 and I am active in management, so I can also help with sponsorship," said Kaltenborn.

"I want to help to make Rapid a top brand not only in Austria."

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