Brawn eyes ’solutions’ to Schumacher injuries

"They have never relented with their support"



7 January 2019 - 10:06
Brawn eyes 'solutions' to Schumacher (...)

Ross Brawn is confident there will be "solutions" to Michael Schumacher’s brain injuries in the future.

The F1 sporting boss is a close friend of F1 legend Schumacher, whose family is keeping the health condition of the seven time world champion secret.

Brawn says Schumacher’s wife Corinna and children Mick and Gina-Maria have been through "such a tough time" in the five years since the skiing crash.

"They have never relented with their support for Michael and their belief there will be solutions ahead," he told BBC 5 Live.

"It’s a very difficult topic to talk about because of the privacy that the family want, and I have to respect that. And they were very moving visits particularly in the early days."

"We’re all optimistic about finding solutions in the future and there will be a time when things move forward for Michael."

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