Juri Vips denies eyeing Red Bull seat for 2021

"The pressure next year will be much less"



14 November 2020 - 11:41
Juri Vips denies eyeing Red Bull (...)

Juri Vips has denied rumours that he could be on the cusp of a Formula 1 race debut in 2021.

Although seats are limited for next year, it is notable that Red Bull has pushed to secure a super licence for the 20-year-old from Estonia.

"I know that getting the super licence means nothing for next year, because next season I will not be in Formula 1," he told the Estonian broadcaster ERR from Istanbul.

Indeed, Vips has been nominated as the official reserve driver for Red Bull’s two Formula 1 teams - Red Bull and Alpha Tauri - for the Turkish GP weekend.

"If something happens to someone, at least I will have a chance," he confirmed.

"Also with the super licence, the pressure next year will be much less," Vips added.

"I will be in Formula 2. In recent years I needed to be in certain places in the categories to get points for the super licence, but now I finally have it."

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