Race - Canadian GP report: Red Bull Renault

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By Olivier Ferret

7 June 2015 - 22:55
Race - Canadian GP report: Red Bull (...)


“It was a tough race because the Mercedes powered cars had a clear advantage over us, but we managed to keep two of them behind us today which is the maximum we could have done. Two championship points is the best we could have achieved. The team did a good job but we obviously have to improve in many areas including the power unit.”


“It’s been a strange weekend for me and I am a little confused about today’s race. I was lacking pace and we are not sure why. There was nothing that felt especially wrong but we just couldn’t get any pace out of the car. I had a few set-up changes compared to Dany but that doesn’t explain the difference in pace. It is something we will look at to understand what the cause was.”


“A difficult race for the team today, as we simply did not have the pace to make any progress. Having said that, Dany did a very good job all weekend to salvage a couple of points and that was the maximum we could achieve today. Daniel struggled for pace all weekend, which is unusual for him so we’ll now have an in-depth look at that to see what might have caused it.”


“A hard weekend for the team, as expected. We finished the weekend without any reliability issues, but the performance was not at the right level. We know the steps that need to be taken to come back to the front so it’s just a question of time now. Now the reliability issues are under control we can focus 100% on the performance. We hope to be able to run the up-to-date engine spec as soon as possible to take as much advantage as possible before the end of the year.”

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