WTCC Donington - Race 1 & 2: They said...

Quotes from Huff & Muller


By Olivier Ferret

17 July 2011 - 19:17
WTCC Donington - Race 1 & 2: (...)

Yvan MULLER – winner of Races 1 and 2: “Two victories in the same weekend is a great result. It was important for me to reduce the gap in the points and I was able to cut it by half. In the first race the most important thing was to keep the lead at the first corner. Then my car was perfect and faster than the others, so it was just a matter of avoiding mistakes, But in the end there was a little bit of rain and it became a complicated to drive. During the second race there was a lot happening between the drivers in front of me and this helped me to gain some positions. I hit Rob and overtook him like he did it at Porto. It was a race incident, it was not intentional…”

Rob HUFF – second in Races 1 and 2: “Unfortunately I lost a lot of points today, but I am still leading by 15, which is good news. During Race 1 I tried to catch up with Yvan, but it was impossible to find a way for overtaking him. In the final laps, when he slowed down a bit because of the rain, I was hoping in some little mistakes, but he didn’t make any. In the second race I was hit from behind by Yvan and he jumped ahead of me. Like Yvan said in Porto, it is just a matter to know what is allowed and what is not… Now we’ll see what happens in the next races and for sure we will be fighting again for pole positions and victories.”


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