Monteiro was hoping for the best, but got the worst in Japan

"It’s extremely frustrating but it is part of auto racing"


By Olivier Ferret

24 October 2011 - 13:37
Monteiro was hoping for the best, (...)

For Tiago Monteiro, the conclusion of the Japanese meeting of the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) is a disappointment as big as his hopes, which were based on his performance level on the Suzuka circuit.

Qualifying had enabled Tiago to be the fastest of the SEAT Sun-Red drivers and to be in the first spots of the 19th and 20th races of the season. Unfortunately, after the best yesterday, the worst was waiting for him today. He was the innocent victim of an accident in the first lap, which heavily damaged his SEAT Leon 1.6 liter Turbo, which could not be repaired in time for the start of the second race.

Although it was not his fault, it was Tiago’s worst race weekend this year. "I couldn’t do anything to avoid the worst. It’s extremely frustrating but it is part of auto racing, which sometimes holds great joys and great disappointments in store for you," Tiago Monteiro declared. "I knew that the start would be difficult; on a track where overtaking is almost impossible, the start is where places are won or lost. I was in an accident involving Coronel, Huff, and Tarquini. The damage was such that the car could not be repaired in time for the second race."

The SEAT Leon #18 car driver has to save his energy for the upcoming races in China on November 3 and 4. "I will try to get a podium because I know we have the potential to get there, also in the hope of being able to gain some places in the championship," Tiago concluded.

"Last but not least, I am schocked by the loss of Dan Wheldon et Marco Simoncelli. Motorsport can be so cruel sometimes. All my thoughts are with their families and friends."


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