What awaits us at Singapore F1 Grand Prix?

A massive boost for Ferrari? Mercedes back in the game?


By Olivier Ferret

13 September 2019 - 00:01
What awaits us at Singapore F1 (...)

The latest Formula One event indicated that we might see a bit more interesting contests in the future. Charles Leclerc’s victory at the famous Spa Francorchamps circuit, will no doubt be a massive boost for the Ferrari to continue with their improvement seen over the recent few weeks.

The Prancing Horse was finally looking stable and competitive, which was what this season needed. Along with Max Verstappen who has two wins already, the Ferrari’s duo is expected to challenge the undisputed Mercedes in the upcoming races.

There is one more race on the European tour, and the caravan heads for Singapore. The event at Marina Bay Street Circuit marks the start of the last phase of the championship and is one of the most spectacular in all the motorsport. It is the only night race in the caravan, which makes it spectacular.

It also could be the defining race of the year. If Mercedes continues its domination there, there is no doubt that bot Hamilton and his team are going to win the respective titles.

It is clear already now that the Brit has an enormous advantage over his rivals. All the bookmakers see him winning the title as a sure thing. Bet365 offers 1/100 on Hamilton retaining the title. On the other hand, the closest rival is his teammate Valtteri Bottas who is 20/1 at Ladbrokes. Behind the Mercedes’ duo, are Verstappen with 33/1 and Vettel with 150/1.

But then again, the tide is slowly shifting when it comes to the upcoming races. Right now, Charles Leclerc is the No.1 favorite for winning the Italian Grand Prix with Bwin giving 6/4 odds on the Monegasque’s win in Monza. Hamilton is second with 2/1. Get the latest predictions and betting odds on the Formula 1 races and outrights here, and also check out the latest news which might help you in your betting.

All this indicates that Ferrari might be moving up the ladder and that they won’t give on the constructor’s title. That is why the Singapore Grand Prix is important for the Italian manufacturer. They need to win there, in order to keep the chances for making a huge comeback and dethroning the Mercedes.

Though the recent history here is not backing up their hopes. The dominant side here is Mercedes who won four times in the last five years. That one win was Sebastian Vettel’s and Ferrari’s in 2015. Lewis Hamilton won in 2017 and 2018, and the current F1 champion has every right to hope of winning another one.

As we said, Ferrari is going to chase Mercedes in the constructors’ championship. The difference is enormous - Mercedes 471 points, Ferrari 326. The chances are minimal, and some might say that this is impossible, but the reputation of the Prancing Horse forbids the capitulation.

The bookies also don’t think that this is possible, and odds on Ferrari to beat Mercedes are 125/1 at Coral for example. Red Bull to do the same are 150/1. Al the other teams are far behind, McLaren, Alfa Romeo and Toro Rosso 5000/1. Williams is the last on the list with 10000/1.

Because of all the mentioned above, we predict a fierce battle in Singapore. Ferrari has a swing, which will be even higher if they win in Monza, while on the other side, Mercedes slowed down recently. We pick one of the two Prancing Horses to win this one, despite what the majority of experts and fans predict.


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