Predictions for the 2021 F1 World Championship Season



11 March 2021 - 17:00
Predictions for the 2021 F1 World (...)

With the year 2020 now behind us, it’s time to focus on the 2021 F1 season. With this new season should come slight changes with driver movements and restrictions on engine mapping including aero. Not only that but also outlawing of DAS means that this F1 season is certainly going to be a cracker.

Even if no one can predict the future of the 2021 F1 World Championship season, there are some things that are anticipated. Of course, there are tons of factors that could affect the outcome in the most unpredictable way. On the other hand, analyzing the situation and making predictions is quite entertaining, so let’s have some fun.

● Alonso’s Comeback to the Podium

We’re hoping to see Fernando Alonso back on the podium this season. It will be hard but not impossible - if anything it will be harder for Alpine to be in the run for the podiums than it was as Renault the previous season.
The first prediction is that Red Bull could be more competitive than in 2020. In addition, a step forward will be made by Ferrari. With its new Mercedes engine, McLaren will only be harder to defeat. The chance for Aston Martin to have a car in the fight against Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas, and Lewis Hamilton is if Sebastian Vettel starts racing at his highest performance.
Alonso will probably take even the smallest chance for a podium and he could take his first F1 trophy after 7 years.

● McLaren Could Win the Race?

McLaren hasn’t won since the Brazilian GP in 2012 and it came very close to the triumph with the help of Carlos Sainz in Monza.
Coming 3rd on the constructors’ championship, and overcoming the better opponents Racing Point and Renault who will switch places with Aston Martin and Alpine this year. Coming in third was a spectacular achievement that no sportsbook or online casino could predict, as they took every single opportunity and proved that they can operate at a higher level than previously thought. F1 is quite popular in the casino industry and many online casinos tend to use the racing theme for their games and slots. You can use this link to find some of the best $1 deposit casinos in 2021 F1 themed.
Also, the important thing is that McLaren headed into this year with great momentum - already built up and with an engine supplied by none other than Mercedes.
There is a new face coming to McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo. He will be joining after one of his best seasons. Because of that, the prediction is that McLaren will win their 183rd Grand Prix after 8 years.

● Vettel Could Finish 5th

This is one of the boldest predictions because of the circumstances in which the 4-time champion had a really difficult final campaign with Ferrari in 2020. This campaign is to be the biggest disappointment in his long-lasting career.
After suffering constant defeats from Charles Leclerc, and struggling to get on top of a tricky car, his confidence fell.
Aston Martin decided to offer Vettel a chance for a comeback. The decision is to herald him as their leader and listen to his expertise.
After showing that they had a car capable of being constantly on the podium in 2020, they had the idea to let Vettel optimize their performance as well as consistency. In addition, Vettel would also be a mentor to Lance - the son of the owner Lawrence Stroll.
We all saw a huge bounce in Vettel’s form in Ferrari and we witnessed him being beaten by Ricciardo at Red Bull while defending his title. According to predictions, Vettel could resurrect a famous marque, which could therefore lead him to finish 5th behind Mercedes and Red Bull drivers.

● Williams Will Resurrect

Williams has had the 2 worst seasons of his long and famous professional career. But the predictions say that he could start climbing back now. As a matter of fact, many online casinos offer odds in their favour. Placing wagers on the F1 Championship outcome is trending among bettors, and it can also be done in some of the best online casinos and sportsbooks.
2020 wasn’t as bad for Williams as 2019 - so it’s disappointing that neither Latifi nor Russell could get some points to prove that.
In this season we could expect Williams to write a couple of points finishes. Everything that happened after the 2019 season was beneficial for Williams and the organization is now on a steady path of recovery.
We could only assume that the organization will make the crucial step in this season and start writing down points finishes once again to their name.

● Ferrari Fighting to Be Best of the Rest

Currently, Ferrari is in a similar situation as it was back in 2014 when it had a lot of problems with its power but managed to make big improvements in 2015. Eventually, Ferrari managed to overcome its spec freeze from the previous year.
For the year 2021 Ferrari decided to change all the elements of the power unit and has dedicated several months to optimizations of the revised set of requirements. It’s only logical that Ferrari has to make the biggest power step up out of everyone, given the current situation.
There are a lot of other things that Ferrari should fix and improve like the rear end instability of the 2020 car, but that’s all achievable in this season.
The prediction is that we will most certainly see Ferrari contending for the best of the rest. Otherwise, the results will be very disappointing.

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