Overtaking no easier in 2019 - Grosjean

"Following has become easier"



19 March 2019 - 12:00
Overtaking no easier in 2019 - (...)

Overtaking has not become easier with the new-for-2019 front wing designs.

In a bid to help drivers to follow and pass their rivals, F1 introduced some new aerodynamic regulations for 2019, including the wider front wing.

But Lewis Hamilton said after the 2019 season opener in Australia: "I didn’t notice any difference."

Romain Grosjean does not completely agree.

"Following has become easier, overtaking not," the Haas driver is quoted by Speed Week.

However, Melbourne is a circuit that is notoriously difficult for overtaking.

Grosjean said: "In the race I got the impression that it has become easier to follow. That’s good.

"But the tyres are still prone to overheating as you speed up. So overtaking is still very difficult.

"You can follow closely, but the tyres get too hot, they slide, they lose grip. The wings were a step in the right direction, but now we need stronger tyres that will not break down like that," the Frenchman added.


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