Alonso wants ’a few more years’ at Aston Martin F1

"Let’s make it happen"



3 June 2023 - 09:41
Alonso wants 'a few more years'

Fernando Alonso has given the strongest indication yet that he will extend his deal with Aston Martin beyond 2024.

The 41-year-old Spaniard is enjoying a second spring of major competitiveness in Formula 1 this year - and has fully revived ’Alonso-mania’ at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend.

"It’s the whole circuit and the whole of Barcelona," said team boss Mike Krack. "Wherever you go, you see the green shirts.

"In front of our garage yesterday it was just amazing what happened there."

One of the things that happened in that moment was Alonso reportedly telling his supporters that they don’t have to worry about him retiring after his current two-deal deal runs out.

"I’m going to be at Aston Martin for a few more years," he is quoted as saying by El Mundo Deportivo.

Alonso’s long-time friend and colleague Pedro de la Rosa, who now wears an Aston Martin shirt in the paddock, predicted recently that he can imagine Alonso still being with the team when it teams up with Honda from 2026.

"Personally, I see him staying more than two years," he said.

"This is due to his involvement, his enthusiasm and his performance. Any team would want to have Alonso."

So when asked about Alonso’s new statement about extending with Aston Martin "for a few more years", team boss Krack sounded excited about the future.

"It was nice to nice to hear that he said that. Several years, we would be happy with that.

"I think the main thing, and this is one of the big qualities, is the desire to be at front, the motivation. And I think this is fully on with Fernando," he added.

"It’s nice to hear that but we didn’t think too much about it yet," Krack said. "But let’s make it happen."

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