Ocean competitive once again at Spa

But a bit unlucky



29 August 2011 - 10:47
Ocean competitive once again at (...)

After an excellent performance in the first GP2 Series race of the weekend, Ocean Racing Technology was once again one of the best competitors in the second race held this morning on the Belgian track.

Johnny Ceccoto Jr had a fabulous race, taking an excellent start that propelled him from 11th to 2nd, which he held until 11 laps from the finish. Brendon Hartley, who started from the 4th position on the grid, did not have the same success.

The final result for both Ocean Racing Technology drivers does not reflect what took place on the track, however. Cecotto and Hartley finished in 8th and 9th, respectively.

After a setback in the first race, where his car switched into safety mode just as he was about to cross the finish line in 8th position (which would have put him in the pole position for the start of the second race), Johnny Cecotto Jr proved unstoppable this Sunday and had one of his best races of the season, not only due to his excellent start, but also through many overtakings. A brush by a competitor against the rear end of his car was the main reason he lost his 2nd place.

"It was a perfect start. In the blink of an eye, I moved up nine positions and I found myself in second. However, the race was hard. After the first lap, I had to systematically defend myself against my competitors. In fact, I was hit in the rear, which damaged my car. I managed to keep up the pressure until eleven laps from the finish, but after the safety car came out, we were very close to one another and I had a hard time keeping up the best pace, which hampered me considerably. Not long after that, I started to have problems with the gearbox and my tyres, which had deteriorated considerably. It was impossible to fight off the attacks from my competitors and I fell back to 8th position. This was not the result we were expecting, but I did everything I could. Monza will most likely be better", the Venezuelan driver declared.

Brendon Hartley, who joined the Portuguese team this weekend, shone brightly in the first race, bringing home Ocean Racing Technology’s first points, thanks to his great 5th place finish. Starting from 4th position on the grid in the second race, the former Red Bull and Toro Rosso driver did not have an easy job of it this Sunday.

"The start went well, but I was on the outside line of the track and at one point I didn’t have anywhere to go because there was a scramble ahead of me. I lost several positions. And when I finally found the right pace, things did not go as planned. Overall, I was always at the wrong place at the wrong time! It was a whole host of little problems which forced a worse result than what was within our reach. I am disappointed with the result, but optimistic to climb the podium at Monza."

The GP2 Series finale will take place September 9th and 11th at Monza, Italy.


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