Donington - Race 1: Muller wins from Huff and Menu

The trio of blue cars took command from the start


By Olivier Ferret

17 July 2011 - 14:26
Donington - Race 1: Muller wins (...)

Chevrolet drivers Yvan Muller, Rob Huff and Alain Menu finished one-two-three once again, in the same order they qualified on Saturday.

The trio of blue cars took command from the start and created a gap, leaving the rest of the field to fight for the positions from fourth downwards.

Tom Coronel won the duel with Gabriele Tarquini and claimed fourth position, while Franz Engstler finished sixth and won the Yokohama Trophy.

Robert Dahlgren and Colin Turkington had reasons to regret for being classified eighth and tenth respectively.

The Swede was quickly elbowing his way up from the 19th starting position, but his efforts were frustrated by a clash with Kristian Poulsen. The pace of his Volvo was impressive and with a better qualifying he could have fought with Coronel and Tarquini.

As for Turkington, his hopes for a brilliant result vanished after only three corners, when he went on the grass and lost several places.

Key moments
Start – Muller sprints from pole position and takes the lead, from Huff and Menu
Lap 1 – Tarquini jumps to second as Turkington cuts onto the grass at Craner and rejoins at Starkeys Bridge dropping to 10th
Lap 2 – Nykjær overtakes Poulsen for seventh
Lap 3 – Dahlgren overtakes Turkington for ninth
Lap 4 – Coronel overtakes Tarquini for fourth
Lap 5 – Nykjær, Poulsen, Dahlgren, Turkington and O’Young have a close fight for seventh
Lap 6 – Dahlgren and Poulsen make contact, with the Volvo climbing on the BMW’s tail
Lap 6 – Michelisz spins at Melbourne
Lap 7 – O’Young and Bennani have a clash
Lap 8 – Bennani overtakes Barth for tenth
Lap 10 – it starts to rain; Taniguchi spins at the Fogarty esses
Lap 12 – Bennani and Barth make contact at Goddards, Bennani spins and drops to 14th
Lap 13 – Huff cuts the Fogarty esses while chasing Muller
Lap 13 – Dahlgren overtakes Poulsen for eighth

T. Monteiro: broken suspension; N. Michelisz: steering wheel.

Pos. Driver Car Time
01 Y. Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 13 laps - 21m21.521
02 R. Huff Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +1.136s
03 A. Menu Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +3.903s
04 T. Coronel BMW 320 TC +8.708s
05 G. Tarquini SR Leon 1.6T +9.299s
06 F. Engstler BMW 320 TC +14.186s
07 M. Nykjaer SR Leon 1.6T +18.974s
08 R. Dahlgren Volvo C30 Drive +19.191s
09 K. Poulsen BMW 320 TC +20.536s
10 C. Turkington BMW 320 TC +28.804s
11 D. O’Young Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +29.831s
12 P. Oriola SR Leon 1.6T +29.966s
13 F. Barth SR Leon 1.6T +34.093s
14 M. Bennani BMW 320 TC +34.526s
15 A. Dudukalo SR Leon 1.6T +39.419s
16 Y. Taniguchi Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +1m07.938s
17 F. Fabiani BMW 320si +1 lap
18 J. Villa BMW 320 TC +1 lap
19 N. Michelisz BMW 320 TC +6 laps
20 T. Monteiro SR Leon 1.6T DNF
Best lap R. Huff Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 1:37.380


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