Priest says Zanardi ’only sometimes conscious’

"This is a man with an incredible will to live"



24 July 2020 - 13:04
Priest says Zanardi ’only sometimes (...)

Alex Zanardi is "only sometimes conscious" as he recovers from his serious head and facial injuries following a full month in hospital.

That is the word of Father Luca Poli, a priest at the rehabilitation clinic where the former Formula 1 driver is now recovering.

Zanardi’s son Niccolo said this week that he is currently less concerned about the 53-year-old’s eyesight, and more about "whether he can communicate with us again".

"The rehabilitation will take a long time," Niccolo said.

Now, Father Luca Poli tells La Gazzetta dello Sport following a visit to see the hand-cycling Olympic champion: "Alex Zanardi is only sometimes conscious and he gets tired quickly.

"Sometimes he’s awake, sometimes not," he said.

"After the transfer from Siena to here, he was very tired and I could only see him briefly. I also couldn’t take his hand because we have to keep our distance from the patients in these times.

"What is certain is that this is a man with an incredible will to live. Honestly, I don’t know where he gets his energy from," Father Poli added.

"I also see a man surrounded by a loving family, but also very important is what comes from the patient himself.

"I’m not talking about physical strength. I believe that recovery depends more on the patient’s own will than on the work of the doctors," he said.

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