When the prime minister called Petter Solberg

Norwegian premier telephoned Solberg following his 2013 decision


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17 December 2012 - 16:23
When the prime minister called (...)

Petter Solberg’s decision to sit out the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship prompted a phone call from his country’s prime minister.

Norway’s premier Jens Stoltenberg - a keen supporter of Rally Norway in the past - called Solberg after learning that the 2003 world champion wouldn’t be competing in the WRC next year.

Speaking to Motorsport News, Solberg, who enjoys a huge profile in his homeland and throughout the world, said: “When the news came out that I wasn’t competing next year the whole of Norway was on its roof! The Prime Minister called me and we talked for 10 minutes.”

Although Solberg received no firm offers of a free ride in the WRC in 2013, he still expects to be busy next year, albeit in another motorsport discipline.

“Except for rallying and Formula One I think I’ve had offers from every other sort of motorsport where I won’t have to put money in and I will have the chance top fight for the win,” Solberg revealed. “Fighting at the front is really important for me in whatever I do next year. I need to think about things, I won’t make any decisions yet.”


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