Lotti: Drivers were going too slow!

"The grid for Race 1 will be published soon"


By Olivier Ferret

19 May 2013 - 09:57
Lotti: Drivers were going too (...)

This morning during the Warm up session at the Salzburgring, WTCC General Manager Marcello Lotti commented yesterday’s happenings in qualifying during Eurosport live broadcast.

“There is an article in the International Sporting Code that says it is not permitted to drive too slowly and without any reason – reason means a technical reason or a yellow flag. This is what happened; all those drivers were driving around the track at 46kph. It’s really too slow!
The grid for Race 1 will be published soon, but by our calculations the top six are Nykjær, Nash, Bennani, Kozlovskiy, Barth and Engstler. Muller should start from thirteenth position. There will be no changes to the Race 2 reverse grid as all the penalties refer to Race 1.
Some journalists have criticised the track and said that in some way the track was at fault. Absolutely not – the track layout is perfect and is probably the best of the traditional touring car circuits. In any case, the track is fully licenced by the FIA.”


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