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Verstappen will ’eventually’ beat Hamilton - Ickx

"If it isn’t this year, it will be next year"



19 November 2021 - 14:56
Verstappen will 'eventually'

Lewis Hamilton will "eventually" be beaten to the title by 2021 championship rival Max Verstappen.

That is the view of Jackie Ickx, an iconic Belgian former Formula 1 driver who commented as the stewards delayed their verdict in Mercedes’ "right of review" hearing until Friday.

As for the F1 legend Ickx, he is rising above the affair to suggest that no matter the outcome, it is clear that Hamilton will eventually be beaten by his younger rival.

"If it isn’t this year, it will be next year, or the one after that and so on. It’s inevitable," the 76-year-old former Ferrari driver told RTBF.

"But I’m also frustrated with the current rules in Formula 1. For me, philosophically speaking, it should be a fight, a battle between men who willingly take the risk.

"I am frustrated because these events are refereed by people who are certainly of good will, but who - apart from a former driver at each grand prix - have probably never driven a racing car.

"We shatter the very essence of the combativeness of these drivers with a succession of penalties, fines and constraints which fundamentally change the sport.

"I am sorry to see us so far removed from the pleasure of this communion with the public. Formula 1 should remember - no audience, no fans, no race."

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