Red Bull not joining ’pink Mercedes’ appeal

As Ferrari "believes that the penalty is not adequate"



10 August 2020 - 11:29
Red Bull not joining ’pink Mercedes’ (...)

Red Bull is not joining the five teams vowing to appeal the outcome of the ’pink Mercedes’ protest.

Racing Point team owner Lawrence Stroll - who normally keeps an extremely low media profile - has lashed out at the four teams who think the EUR 400,000 fine and 15 deducted points penalty is not severe enough.

"I don’t often speak publicly, but I am extremely angry at any suggestion we have been underhand or have cheated - particularly those comments coming from our competitors," the billionaire said at Silverstone (photo).

"I have never cheated at anything in my life. I am appalled by the way Renault, McLaren, Ferrari and Williams have taken this opportunity to appeal. They are dragging our name through the mud and I will not stand by nor accept this."

Stroll said he will vigorously defend the appeal in court, with his Aston Martin business partner Toto Wolff saying on Sunday that the Canadian intends to use "all resources" to clear the team’s name.

The FIA confirmed that "five teams" have indicated their intention to appeal, including Racing Point which wants to clear its name.

When asked about Stroll’s anger, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said emotion should be left out of it.

"For us the facts are obvious," he said. "It’s not about being angry or furious. We are all rivals and everyone is looking for their own interests.

"We believe that the penalty is not adequate," Binotto added.

It is also clear that Ferrari is not only concerned about Racing Point’s actions, but also the team alleged to have helped the pink team to ’copy’ the title-winning car of 2019 - Mercedes.

"The violation is like copying homework," Binotto told Sky Italia. "There are those who copy and those who pass it on."

Meanwhile, Red Bull will not be joining the anti-Racing Point appeal - presumably because it is keen to do the same sort of thing with its junior team Alpha Tauri for 2021.

When asked about the appeal, Dr Helmut Marko said simply: "No, we will not appeal."

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