Pirelli can spice up F1 with soft tyres - Doornbos

And force teams "to do two stops"



1 September 2020 - 11:06
Pirelli can spice up F1 with soft (...)

Former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos has a proposal to spice up what many observers are calling increasingly ’boring’ races in Formula 1.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner think the problem at Spa-Francorchamps was that drivers were able to get through the race with just a single pitstop.

"Someone has to tell Pirelli that they have to bring the soft tyres, because even though they will have problems, you’re forcing them to do two stops," Doornbos told Ziggo Sport.

The Dutchman denies that another solution could be for the FIA to mandate two-stop strategies by forcing drivers to use all three tyre compounds per race.

"That is a very serious regulation change," he said.

"Pirelli can do it much more subtly by just taking the soft tyres with them, because then they won’t make it to the finish with one stop anyway."


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