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No F1 team for sale at the moment - Zak Brown

"I think the health of the teams has never been stronger"



11 December 2021 - 12:24
No F1 team for sale at the moment - (...)

Zak Brown says Formula 1 is in such robust health at the moment that no team is interested in selling.

Brown is the supremo at McLaren, who recently went public to strongly deny speculation that the Woking based company may be sold to Audi.

The American marketing specialist is clearly is not about to jump at any offer.

"Formula 1 is on fire at the moment," Brown told City AM in Abu Dhabi, the scene of the thrilling finale to the ultra-intense world championship contest between Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

Brown insists it "almost doesn’t matter" which of them emerges with the title, because it’s the "race by race excitement" which has been more important for F1.

He said 2022 will be too early for McLaren to fight for the title, but McLaren has battled Ferrari this year for third overall.

The team is also "doing very well financially", Brown reveals.

"I think the health of the teams has never been stronger," he added.

"In Formula 1, there’s always been two or three teams in trouble at any one time. Now you have ten very well funded teams by very credible individuals or investment groups.

"I’m now getting phone calls on a routine basis, from very significant sports investors, really keen on buying Formula 1 teams, and there’s no team to buy.

"It’s become a seller’s market, and no one wants to sell," Brown insisted.


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