Verstappen is the best ever F1 driver - Ecclestone

"He doesn’t make any mistakes"



7 October 2023 - 18:02
Verstappen is the best ever F1 (...)

On the eve of Max Verstappen sealing up his third consecutive drivers’ title, former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has named him the best driver - ever.

Previously, the 92-year-old has always said that while Ayrton Senna was another obvious great, his overall pick for the best ever was Alain Prost.

That’s because he said the Frenchman was the best at dominating long before the era in which drivers got a lot of team support both on and off the tracks.

"But if you forget that, Max is without a doubt the best I’ve seen - and that everyone else has seen too," Ecclestone told DPA.

"He’s the complete racing driver."

What sets Dutchman Verstappen apart, he says, is his focus.

"He starts the race and wants to win it. He doesn’t do anything else," said Ecclestone.

"He doesn’t make any mistakes, he doesn’t do anything, he doesn’t take any liberties."

Ecclestone also said Verstappen’s reputation for being impetuous is undeserved.

"He drives honestly and fairly," he insisted.

And even when the current ’ground effect’ regulations era ends after the 2025 season, Ecclestone thinks Verstappen can still continue to dominate.

"Even in a car that isn’t the best, Max would beat a lot of people," he said. "He’s a superstar.

"There has never been anyone as good as Max is today."

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