Debate brewing over standard parts for 2021

"I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves"



21 May 2019 - 09:42
Debate brewing over standard parts (...)

A controversy is brewing over whether standardised parts should be introduced in F1.

It started with gearboxes, wheels and brakes, but now the FIA has issued new tenders for a range of parts in the cars’ fuel systems for 2021.

But Haas boss Gunther Steiner, whose team buys a range of parts directly from Ferrari, says the concept of standardisation has not been officially agreed.

"I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves," he said.

"The worst bit for me is that we need to make sure that Formula 1 keeps its DNA."

It is obvious that some of the bigger teams agree with Haas.

But another argument is that if the best funded teams do not have to make some of the less important parts, they will have more time and money to spend on the big performance differentiators.

"Standardisation only makes sense if you may save money, which has to be proved first," said Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto.


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