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Canada GP promoter not interested in Formula E

"Formula E is a marketing formula and nothing else"



16 May 2019 - 16:51
Canada GP promoter not interested (...)

The promoter of the Canadian GP says he is not interested in hosting a Formula E race.

On the face of it, the all-electric series is gaining in popularity.

But Francois Dumontier says Montreal is not interested.

"When I look at the championship in general, it’s not an interesting series," he said at the launch of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve’s new F1 facilities.

"Very often, a city organises a race one year and then withdraws the next."

Dumontier also thinks there is "a lot of instability" surrounding Formula E.

"I think car manufacturers are leaving other series, including the world endurance championship and DTM, more to have a good conscience.

"Formula E is a marketing formula and nothing else.

"So my answer is ’never’. It was not viable when they proposed it and it is not viable today," he added.


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