Binotto denies need to make changes at Ferrari

"There are still 17 races left"


30 April 2019 - 12:26
Binotto denies need to make changes (…)

After Baku, the Italian press is once again highly critical of Ferrari.

Following yet another Mercedes 1-2, Sebastian Vettel called the situation in F1 "boring".

Championship leader Valtteri Bottas replied: "There’s nothing boring about it, especially when you’re in the fight for the title."

So the Italian press wonders if it is already over for Ferrari after just four races.

"Asking that question is legitimate," wrote La Repubblica newspaper.

"Vettel seems to be following the philosophy that it’s better to bring home a few points than to take risks."

Corriere dello Sport added: "The gap to the Silver Arrows only deepens."

"Ferrari wastes one opportunity after the next," said La Stampa.

And Il Giornale reported after Baku: "Vettel and Leclerc, but especially the former, could have done more to try to win their first grand prix this season."

However, team boss Mattia Binotto denies the need to make changes in reaction to the situation.

"No, the goal is always to understand the weak points and improve," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We will have to push with some choices, being more aggressive in the development, but it is normal to do so.

"The spirit in the team is excellent, we want to do well, and we work in a united way.

"We were hoping to be more competitive at the start of the season, but there are still 17 races left. Are we still in the running for the world championship? Of course.

"We do not make calculations but proceed race by race," Binotto added.



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