Peugeot WEC project still ’on track’ following Rebellion withdrawal

The Hypercar is still being developed

By Emmanuel Touzot

13 February 2020 - 19:04
Peugeot WEC project still 'on (…)

Following a strategic committee meeting, REBELLION CORPORATION has decided to reorient its investment policy and will cease all motorsport activities.

Their decision has no impact on PEUGEOT’s programme in endurance and the PSA Motorsport team is enthusiastically moving forward with its project.

Jean-Marc FINOT, PSA Motorsport Director: « We are currently in the early stage of building up our WEC techical project and we acknowledge REBELLION’s decision that appoint us in a direction to modify the configuration of our operational system by 2022.

Their decision to withdraw does not change PEUGEOT’s program in endurance. We continue working with enthusiasm in a configuration refocused with our partner TOTAL, to design a race car that will be a source of pride for PEUGEOT and that will be perfectly alligned with its energetic transition. »



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