Motorsport Technology Hub: How Toronto Contributes to Racing Advancements



5 October 2023 - 00:01
Motorsport Technology Hub: How (...)

What do you know about Toronto? Probably some people say this is a cosmopolitan destination and a multicultural hub with perfect business and financial opportunities. At the same time, others argue that the city offers a multifaceted arts, sports, and culture scene. So, both are absolutely right.

However, the main city of Ontario has one more unique feature - it’s home to the introduction of innovative automotive technologies. Numerous engineering companies and local racing entities contribute to the development of the motorsports industry, and you would be interested in exploring them during your Canada trip.

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So, are you ready to get an informative insight into the automotive world of Toronto? Then check the main questions before you go!

Why is motorsport important today?

Racing is not only a sport but passion, acceleration, and thirst for victory. Since the invention of cars and motorcycles, racing has become an integral part of our culture and represents an exciting world that attracts millions of people around the world.

Motorsport is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and exhilarating sports on the planet. The combination of speed, skill, courage, and advanced technology becomes an inspiration for those who dream of speed, adrenaline, and victory.

What contributes to the development of racing technology in Toronto?

There are many obvious and hidden reasons for the growth of this industry in the city. Of course, it will be difficult for you to reveal them all without being involved. However, we have done the analysis and are ready to tell you the things that made possible great achievements in the field of automotive and racing-related innovations.

The well-developed automotive startup ecosystem

The emergence of new motorsport technologies is impossible without research and the application of unique developments. In turn, a variety of automotive startups are providing impetus for these innovations. As a large technology cluster, Toronto hosts multiple businesses in the automotive industry. Many of them focus on developments that can be used to advance the racing and car engineering environment.

For example, X-Matik specializes in autonomous driving capabilities. The company has the goal of making Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology more accessible to everyone through the introduction of smart solutions in the fields of electronics, mechanics, and kinematics. Naturally, many of the improvements can be used in a racing environment.

At the same time, ALPHASHINE strives to conquer the car detailing industry with its time-leading technological solutions. And players like Zero Nexus are creating a clean energy movement, making it possible to obtain fully synthetic fuel. These elements are widely applied in racing single-seaters, which again and again affects the development of this business cluster.

International and national racing competitions

You probably know that competitions generate motorsport engineering development. What do we mean? So, when 20 racing teams try to make their car faster, they do wind tunnel research and run complex calculations using computational fluid dynamics. That is why gradual development is impossible without championships and competitions.

In this sense, Toronto doesn’t lag behind other important locations in the world. The city has hosted national and international racing competitions many times. It all started in the early 1900s when enthusiasts arranged amateur 60-mile car races to Hamilton. The list of participants gradually increased, and from 1920 to 1928 the organizers held competitions with a prize fund of more than $10,000, an impressive amount for that time. Then, in the 50s and 60s, many professional drivers switched to drag racing.

The latest step towards modern motorsport realities was the holding of the Grand Prix of Toronto. The local Mosport Park began hosting races in 1967 as part of the USAC National Championship Trail. The CART IndyCar and Champ Car championships then raced at the Exhibition Place Street Circuit (1986-2007). Finally, the IndyCar Series signed a contract under which Toronto still hosts the race once a year.

Of course, in addition to the top-class championships, Toronto is home to many other racing series. NASCAR, Pirelli Touring Car World Challenge, and Stadium Super Trucks are the most significant of them.

Modern racing and technological infrastructure

The city government is investing heavily in Toronto motorsport innovations and the development of related industries. For example, by the end of 2024, Oro Station should appear, which will become a meeting place for racers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors. The complex includes 500,000 square feet of industrial space and houses a racing circuit, production areas, and dedicated testing facilities. That is, Oro Station is an all-in-one design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, and education center that has all the necessary elements to create and maintain a car, and possibly host sports competitions in the future.

Another racing-related local highlight is Toronto Motorsports Park located in Cayuga. This is the so-called place where you can touch the world of motorsport. One of the must-try experiences is to get behind the wheel of a supercar such as a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Porsche 997 Turbo, or Nissan GT-R. Each of the models will immerse you in speed and adrenaline and allow you to experience the latest engineering achievements of world-famous automakers. Special fans of speed can take a ride in a Formula 2000 single-seater and admire the skill of drag racers on a specially designated track.

So, the Toronto racing advancements are beyond doubt. The city has modern infrastructure, favorable conditions for innovation, and a rich racing heritage. If you’re an enthusiast or just want a different perspective on this popular tourist destination, pick up a car at Toronto Airport and set off to explore its automotive soul.

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