WTCC: Past, present and future... Part 2

2013, the Russian front and new teams



3 January 2013 - 11:58
WTCC: Past, present and future... (...)

WTCC General Manager Marcello Lotti comments the past season and looks at the future evolutions of the World Championship.

“The next season will be an interesting one. The main feature is the opening of a Russian front. Russia has a strategic importance, being one of the leading automotive markets; therefore it was on top of our commercial priority list. Now they have a racetrack that is good enough to welcome WTCC, and on top of this Russia’s most important car maker, the Avtovaz Group, rejoins the championship with the LADA Sport Team supported by Lukoil. Something that is definitely going to shake the inner market.”

“Looking at the field, I’m quite optimistic. The teams that competed in 2012 will stay, and one or two new ones are expected to join. We will have a fair share of brands represented, including Chevrolet. As a matter of fact the possibility for Chevrolet to be represented in the championship is realistic, and this pleases us because it is an important brand and will help to keep the level of the championship high in terms of both, participation and competitiveness.


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