WTCC: Past, present and future... Part 1

2012, a positive year with a worthy champion



2 January 2013 - 11:07
WTCC: Past, present and future... (...)

WTCC General Manager Marcello Lotti comments the past season and looks at the future evolutions of the World Championship.

“We must consider 2012 as a positive year, although it was still under the influence of the global financial crisis. Compared to other motorsport series, WTCC benefited from a few positive happenings: the success of the first event in the USA that was boosted by the local promoter’s enthusiasm, the participation of the Ford brand in the whole season and the arrival of Honda in the last races, the interest to join shown by new manufacturers like Citroën, and the FIA’s active role in planning a technical evolution of the series. All this proves that interest is growing again for the WTCC and touring car racing in general. ”

“It was also good that the title fight went to the wire once again, which is a kind of a trademark for WTCC. Rob Huff is a worthy champion. It would be useless spending words to praise his skills, because when a driver wins a world championship it means he’s a good one. As a promoter, I am delighted to see someone who began racing in a national single make trophy, growing up to the point to become world champion. It is something gratifying for the category.”


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