WTCC Okayama - Race 1 & 2 : They said...

Quotes from the drivers

By Franck Drui

31 October 2010 - 12:40
WTCC Okayama - Race 1 & 2 : They (…)

Rob HUFF – winner Race 1: “I had nothing to lose. We took a gamble and used last year’s race set up as it was wet and it worked. Chevrolet have provided me with the good for a belting race, I am absolutely ecstatic. I was on the edge of my seat following Priaulx! It was spectacular to watch him and we had a few sideways moments! Once I got through I got my head down. It was a great job by the team.”

Augusto FARFUS – winner Race 2: “It was the most difficult race of the year even more difficult than racing her last year. The last five laps I was aquaplaning everywhere so I’m happy to win. I’m sorry for Andy (Priaulx) but the championship is still open so we’ll not give up.”

Andy PRIAULX – second in Race 1: “It was very difficult as we didn’t have the pace in the first half of the race. It’s a shame. I thought it would be tough when I saw it was raining today. It is difficult to end the race because of my mistake. It’s not brilliant for the championship but never say never.”

Colin TURKINGTON – second in Race 2: “It was a very tough race. We get lots of wet races in England so maybe that helped me. I’m delighted to be on the podium again. My strategy was to not take risks and to stay on track. I felt reasonably comfortable but had to be careful so I’m really happy.”

Yvan MULLER – third in Race 1 and Race 2: “I was pushing hard the whole first race as I needed to get ahead of Andy for the championship but I just couldn’t attack anymore. For sure 37 points is a good advantage but there are still 50 to score in Macau so it’s not finished. I am very pleased though.”

Norbert MICHELISZ – winning Rookie in Race 1: “These were the most difficult conditions of my whole career as I’ve not done many races in the wet. I was happy to collect the points and happy to have finished both races.”

Michel NYKJÆR: - winning Rookie in Race 2: “After the safety car I had a gap in the lead but it was my mistake, I was the first car into the water and there was a lot of water. It’s disappointing.”

Yukinori TANIGUCHI – winner Independent in Race 1: “I have to thank the team and people who have supported me. I still can’t believe it. It was a tough race as I had to push so hard. I passed Coronel and almost spun, but it was quite fun!”

Darryl O’YOUNG – winner Independent in Race 2: “We have had a couple of bad events so it was good to come back with this race. I cut the lead to Sergio (Hernández) by a third and Macau has double points so we’ll see how it goes.”


The results of today’s races remain suspending pending the intention of Chevrolet to appeal against the Steward decisions n. 1 and 2 that authorized the BMW cars of Andy Priaulx and Augusto Farfus to use a 6-speed sequential gearbox.



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