Title contenders top testing in Macau

O’Young in third



17 November 2011 - 09:34
Title contenders top testing in (...)

Rob Huff and Yvan Muller have begun their world title showdown in Macau by setting the two fastest laps in today’s test session.

The track was slippery after a morning shower. The session kicked off thirty minutes in late because the marshals had to fix the barriers at the “R” bend, following a crash during some support race practice.

Gary Kwok was the first to make a mistake, spinning at Moorish Hill. He rejoined, but soon afterwards Charles Ng hit the barriers at the Melco Hairpin. The front left wheel loose, his BMW limped to a stop a few hundredths metres further, which forced the session to be red-flagged with twenty minutes to go.

Shortly before the disruption, Kristian Poulsen had set the fastest lap of 2:52.813, but by the time the session resumed the track had dried up and the duo Alain Menu-Yvan Muller significantly moved the mark forward.

This progression saw Muller being clocked at 2:43.791, then Menu improving to 2:42.575. On the following lap Muller set another provisional fastest time of 2:38.931 and Menu responded with 2:38.830.

With three minutes left Tiago Monteiro jumped on top with a lap of 2:37.491 that was soon outpaced by Muller’s 2:36.025. Just before the chequered flag dropped, the Frenchman improved again to 2:35.549, but Rob Huff settled the matter for good stopping the watches at 2:34.681.

Behind the two title contenders Darryl O’Young set an impressive third fastest lap – and best of the Yokohama Trophy – of 2:36.466.

A couple of other drivers had moments. Philip Ma spun at Moorish Hill and rejoined, while Michel Nykjær dived the nose of his car into the wall on top of the Faraway straight.

Pos. Driver Car Time Gap
01 R. Huff Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2:34.681
02 Y. Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2:35.549 +0.868s
03 D. O’Young Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2:36.466 +1.785s
04 T. Monteiro SR Leon 1.6T 2:36.542 +1.861s
05 A. Menu Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2:36.590 +1.909s
06 F. Engstler BMW 320 TC 2:38.452 +3.771s
07 K. Poulsen BMW 320 TC 2:39.065 +4.384s
08 N. Michelisz BMW 320 TC 2:39.318 +4.637s
09 M. Nykjaer SR Leon 1.6T 2:39.512 +4.831s
10 M. Bennani BMW 320 TC 2:39.603 +4.922s
11 F. Barth SR Leon 1.6T 2:40.115 +5.434s
12 G. Tarquini SR Leon 1.6T 2:40.445 +5.764s
13 P. Oriola SR Leon 1.6T 2:41.111 +6.430s
14 T. Coronel BMW 320 TC 2:41.733 +7.052s
15 J. Villa BMW 320 TC 2:46.596 +11.915s
16 A. Dudukalo SR Leon 1.6T 2:47.029 +12.348s
17 R. Dahlgren Volvo C30 2:53.338 +18.657s
18 J. Merszei BMW 320 si 2:54.715 +20.034s
19 F. Desouza Chevrolet Lacetti 3:00.927 +26.246s
20 Lo Ka Chun Peugeot 308 3:01.181 +26.500s
21 P. Ma BMW 320 si 3:15.285 +40.604s
22 Mak Ka Lok BMW 320 si 3:15.861 +41.180s
23 G. Kwok BMW 320 TC 4:25.725 +1:51.044s
24 A. Couto SR Leon 1.6T 19:21.822 +16:47.141s
25 C. Ng BMW 320 TC 44:07.583 +41:32.902s
26 Kuok Io Keong Chevrolet Lacetti


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