The spectators’ dream heat when Rally Sweden opens

Take your chance to make your favorites head-to-head



3 February 2013 - 12:52
The spectators' dream heat when (...)

You have the chance to see your dream heat when Rally Sweden opens with the Super Special Stage in Karlstad on February 7th.

Go to the Rally Sweden Facebook page and post your suggestion on which drivers you would like to see go head to head at the stage.

The spectators’ suggestions will be the basis for how we, in cooperation with the FIA, will divide the heats,” says Clerk of the Course Bertil Klarin.

For the first time ever, Rally Sweden makes it possible for the spectators to influence the starting order of a WRC event.

We tried this idea in the Swedish National Championship event we organised in 2009, which also opened with the Super Special Stage, and the interest was huge and we received a great number of suggestions of interesting duels Now we want to try the same thing at the WRC level and offer the spectators the opportunity to see their dream heats,” says Klarin.

Just one look at the entry list for Rally Sweden no doubt gets the imagination going. To put together a number of dream heats amongst all the top drivers won’t be hard.


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