Tarquini enjoys first run in 1964 Honda F1

At Goodwood


By Olivier Ferret

14 July 2013 - 14:45
Tarquini enjoys first run in 1964 (...)

It is usual for a race driver to test a new machine before the actual competition, but the very first acquaintance that Gabriele Tarquini had with the famous Honda RA272 Formula 1 car of 1964 was on the start line at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

“I didn’t even get to drive it from the paddock. I got into the car and the mechanics started theengine and what a magic sound! It is sweet to hear and so crisp. I really wanted to take my ear-plugs out to hear the sound pure and clear!” he said after completing his first runs along the Goodwood hillclimb course.

“The six-speed gearbox gives a nice feel but you have to be slow on the changes and also need to get the revs correct to make the change sweet. Of course it has an H pattern change and it’s a long time since I drove with one of those. It’s a dry clutch so you have to be gentle with that too but it all works superbly. The engine has so much power – if you think that each tiny cylinder is just 125cc each with four valves per cylinder it is so wonderfully small. It’s like racing a fine Swiss watch!

"This is a 1964 car so I’m feeling the real racing of that time. It’s strange to feel the floating sensation of that period. The seat is not made to fit the driver so well as now and the belts are not as big so as the car gets steering loads you actually move around in the cockpit also on braking. It’s a remarkable experience and I am so happy to be driving this very famous Honda for the first time.”

Tarquini will be making further runs today.


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