Tanak: I’m very happy with our performance this evening

Rallye de Monte-Carlo


By Olivier Ferret

23 January 2015 - 01:15
Tanak: I’m very happy with our (...)

Ott Tänak (4th) said:

“I’m very happy with our performance this evening. The first stage [SS1] was more or less full snow and ice. It was very tricky, but we managed to find a good rhythm. We stayed on the road with no mistakes and no moments which was a key factor. Then for the second stage [SS2] there was more Tarmac but still a lot of icy patches and a lot of gravel had been pulled onto the road. We made a good choice with the tyres, and I enjoyed it as much as I could. I think we’ve made a really good start to the rally.”

Elfyn Evans (5th) said:

“It’s been an incredible start to the rally. The first stage [SS1] was worse than expected and we didn’t have a great run. The conditions were so tricky and we were conscious of not making a mistake on the first stage. Then the team made a fantastic tyre choice for the second stage [SS2]. We had the correct tyres in the car and that really proved valuable. A big thanks to everybody for what has been a good start to the event for us.”


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