Sonoma, Race 2: Huff claims a crucial victory

Huff wins and draws level with Muller


By Olivier Ferret

23 September 2012 - 23:50
Sonoma, Race 2: Huff claims a (...)

Rob Huff gave Chevrolet the second victory of the day. This has been also a crucial success for the title fight as enabled the British driver to match Yvan Muller’s score in the point table.

Muller remained scoreless following a drive through penalty that was imposed by the Stewards after he had pushed Franz Engstler into a spin while stealing the lead from him.

Despite Muller’s penalty, Huff had not an easy life in the second half of the race, as Norbert Michelisz and Gabriele Tarquini were chasing him closely. Eventually the classified second and third and the young Hungarian encored his Race 1 victory in the Yokohama Trophy.

Key moments
Start – D’Aste takes the lead from Bennani, Engstler and Michelisz
Lap 1 – Muller overtakes Monteiro for fifth at Turn 2; Huff overtakes Monteiro for sixth at Turn 6
Lap 1 – D’Aste spins off from the lead; Bennani is the new leader
Lap 1 – Menu and Huff overtake Michelisz moving up to third and fourth
Lap 1 – Tarquini overtakes MacDowall for seventh
Lap 2 – Coronel and Menu overtake Cerqui, who drops to 11th; Monje crashes at Turn 5
Lap 3 – Tarquini overtakes Monteiro for sixth
Lap 4 – Bennani spins off from the lead; Engstler is the new leader
Lap 5 – Muller hits Engstler at Turn 6; Engstler spins and Muller takes the lead
Lap 6 – the safety car takes the track while the marshals tow Bennani’s car to a safe position
Lap 8 – the race resumes
Lap 8 - Coronel overtakes Boardman for eighth; Menu overtakes Monteiro for fifth
Lap 9 – Muller is given a drive through for the incident with Engstler; Huff leads
Lap 10 – Michelisz chases Huff for the lead
Lap 11 – Oriola and Ng make contact while fighting for 11th position
Lap 15 – Mg is given a black flag for not respecting a black-and-orange flag

M. Bennani: race incident; F. Monje: race incident

Pos. Driver Car Time
1 Robert HUFF Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 15 laps - 29m19.176s
2 Norbert MICHELISZ BMW 320 TC +0.320
3 Gabriele TARQUINI SEAT Leon WTCC +1.199
4 Alain MENU Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +3.718
5 Tom CORONEL BMW 320 TC +7.571
6 Tiago MONTEIRO SR Leon 1.6T +8.207
7 Alex MACDOWALL Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +12.682
8 Tom BOARDMAN SEAT Leon WTCC +13.847
9 Stefano D’ASTE BMW 320 TC +14.220
10 Franz ENGSTLER BMW 320 TC +15.643
11 Pepe ORIOLA SEAT Leon WTCC +18.811
12 Darryl O’YOUNG SEAT Leon WTCC +21.656
13 Alberto CERQUI BMW 320 TC +21.997
14 Yvan MULLER Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +23.467
15 Tom CHILTON Ford Focus S2000 TC +24.319
16 Robb HOLLAND Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T +25.184
17 James NASH Ford Focus S2000 TC +30.630
18 Charles NG BMW 320 TC +38.223
19 Aleksei DUDUKALO SEAT Leon WTCC +41.557
21 Fernando MONJE SEAT Leon WTCC DNF


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