SS14: Mechanical failure forces Latvala to retire

Charging Loeb closes on third

By Franck Drui

28 May 2011 - 22:32
SS14: Mechanical failure forces (...)

Sebastien Ogier will take a lead of 21.1s into Saturday’s final stage.

Although the Frenchman was 2.0s slower than Citroen team-mate Sebastien Loeb through the Amboy-Santa Monica test, he was 5.7s faster than Petter Solberg, who is second overall.

Jari-Matti Latvala started the stage out of order following frantic attempts to repair a broken compression strut. However, he was instructed by his team to stop in the stage to prevent any further damage to his Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

Latvala’s team-mate Mikko Hirvonen occupies the final podium spot but is now just 13.1s clear of Loeb.

Standings after SS14:

01 S. OGIER / J. INGRASSIA Citroën DS3 WRC 3h06m59.9s
02 P. SOLBERG / C. PATTERSSON Citroën DS3 WRC +21.1s
03 M. HIRVONEN / J. LEHTINEN Ford Fiesta RS WRC +41.2s
04 S. LOEB / D. ELENA Citroën DS3 WRC +54.3s
05 M. ØSTBERG / J. ANDERSSON Ford Fiesta RS WRC +4m36.0s
06 F. VILLAGRA / J. PÉREZ COMPANC Ford Fiesta RS WRC +5m30.1s
07 M. WILSON / S. MARTIN Ford Fiesta RS WRC +6m33.3s
08 J. LATVALA / M. ANTTILA Ford Fiesta RS WRC +7m19.2s
09 H. PADDON / J. KENNARD Subaru Impreza +20m36.6s
10 P. FLODIN / M. ANDERSSON Subaru Impreza +28m33.6s
11 M. KOSCIUSZKO / M. SZCZEPANIAK Mitsubishi Evo X +28m55.8s
12 D. TAGIROV / A. ZAVERSHINSKAYA Subaru Impreza +31m02.7s
13 K. BLOCK / A. GELSOMINO Ford Fiesta RS WRC +32m28.3s
14 A. KREMER / K. WICHA Mitsubishi Evo X +35m01.0s
15 N. FUCHS / F. MUSSANO Mitsubishi Evo X +35m19.5s



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