Rally Portugal - Program

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By Franck Drui

23 March 2012 - 20:14
Rally Portugal - Program

Rally de Portugal, the fourth round of the FIA World Rally Championship, is based in Faro at the Algarve Stadium and is the second of six consecutive gravel rallies. As in 2011, the event starts in Lisbon, following the successful running of last year’s super special stage around the streets of the city. This stage will once again open the event on Thursday afternoon. New this year, however, are three stages run that evening, all of which will be in darkness.

Rally de Portugal marks the third round of the FIA Super 2000 World Rally Championship, as well as the opening round of the FIA WRC Academy. Now into its second year, the WRC Academy provides young drivers with the opportunity to take the first step on the WRC ladder and all of the registered crews will be competing in identically-prepared Ford Fiesta R2s running on Pirelli tyres.

Finally, following the successful “Road Show” in Porto last year, the organisers have once again planned another such event this year with the support of the leading manufacturers and teams. Based in the north of the country, the Rally Sprint will take place over the iconic Fafe-Lameirinha stage, providing a spectacular appetizer for the thousands of fans in the country the weekend before the rally.

Round: 4/13
Base: Estadio Algarve
Service Park: Estadio Algarve
Surface: Gravel
Weather: The Algarve enjoys a temperate climate. The month of March is just as likely to see sunny weather as frequent showers.
Sunrise and sunset on the first day of the rally: 7.22am/7.51pm
Local time: UTC+1
Currency: Local currency is the Euro.
Website: www.rallydeportugal.com
Technical information: Spare parts (transmission, subframes, steering racks and turbochargers) are to be shared with the Sweden and Mexico rallies.
Tyres: 40 Michelin Latitude Cross tyres per car (including the shakedown), to be chosen from 40 H1s (hard) and 10 S1s (soft).
Reconnaissance: Monday, 26 March from 7am to 7pm and Tuesday, 27 March from 7am to 7pm.
Free practice and qualifying stage: Wednesday, 28 March from 8am to 1.30pm on a 4.96km-long stage in Vale de Judeu (13km from the service park).
Route: 22 special stages (13 different stages). 434.77km of timed sections. Total distance: 1,564.26km


8.00am: Free practice
10.40am: Qualifying Stage

1.15pm: FIA Pre-Event Press Conference (Lisbon CCB - Belem Cultural Centre)
2.25pm: Start – Pç. Imperio, Lisbon
3.00pm: SS1 – Lisboa (3.27km)
5.25pm: Regroup – Ourique (2hrs 35min)
8.19pm: SS2 – Gomes Aires (10.19km)
8.49pm: SS3 – Santa Clara (14.29km)
9.25pm: SS4 – Ourique (11.10km)
10.30pm: Service Park A – Estadio Algarve (45 min)

11.00am: Service Park B – Estadio Algarve (15 min)
12.01pm: SS5 – Tavira 1 (25.01km)
12.36pm: SS6 – Alcarias 1 (25.15km)
1.28pm: SS7 – S. Brás de Alportel 1 (16.18km)
2.40pm: Service Park C – Estadio Algarve (30 min)
3.56pm: SS8 – Tavira 2 (25.01km)
4.31pm: SS9 – Alcarias 2 (25.15km)
5.23pm: SS10 – S. Brás de Alportel 2 (16.18km)
6.20pm: Service Park D – Estadio Algarve (45 min)

8.30am: Service Park E – Estadio Algarve (15 min)
9.49am: SS11 – Almodôvar 1 (26.22km)
10.43am: SS12 – Vascāo 1 (25.29km)
11.30am: SS13 – Loulé 1 (22.57km)
1.05pm: Service Park F – Estadio Algarve (30 min)
2.39pm: SS14 – Almodôvar 2 (26.22km)
3.33pm: SS15 – Vascāo 2 (25.29km)
4.23pm: SS16 – Loulé 2 (22.57km)
5.40pm: Service Park G – Estadio Algarve (45 min)

6.30am: Service Park H – Estadio Algarve (15 min)
7.34am: SS17 – Silves 1 (21.42km)
8.27pm: SS18 – Santana da Serra 1 (31.04km)
9.17am: SS19 – Sambro 1 (5.08km)
10.39am: Service Park I – Estadio Algarve (30 min)
11.58am: SS20 – Silves 2 (21.42km)
12.51pm: SS21 – Santana da Serra 2 (31.04km)
2.11pm: SS22 – Sambro 2 (5.08km)
3.50pm: Service Park J – Estadio Algarve (10 min)
3.45pm: Podium (Estadio Algarve)
4.00pm: FIA Post-Event Press Conference (Media Centre – Estadio Algarve)


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