Q&A with Christian Vietoris

Christian Vietoris joins Racing Engineering in 2010 for his debut in GP2


By Franck Drui

22 March 2010 - 12:09
Q&A with Christian Vietoris

Christian Vietoris joins Racing Engineering in 2010 for his debut in GP2. The German youngster, who will turn 21 in less than two weeks’ time, enters F1’s main feeder series after being runner up in the F3 Euroseries in 2009 and a learning campaign in GP2 Asia. Christian is looking forward to the GP2 season to start and can’t wait to get behind the steering wheel of his Racing Engineering Dallara GP2 car.

Have you met Dani Clos, your new team mate, before and, if so, what’s your impression?

We raced against each other in Euro F3 in 2007, but we didn’t really get to know each other well. Although we mainly met on the track, I have quite good memories and I think we will be a strong line up for 2010 at Racing Engineering.

What is your opinion on GP2, after having realized several test days and races in GP2 Asia?

I really enjoyed the GP2 tests at the end of 2009 and even more so racing in Asia. It’s a big step from F3 to GP2, but I am really looking forward for the season to start. While an F3 is harder to get everything out of it, the GP2 car is definitely much more fun to drive. It has more horsepower, the races are challenging and the pit stops makes it all more exciting.

You’ve visited your new team, Racing Engineering, recently. Could you tell us your impressions on the facilities and the people?

I was very impressed by both, the team’s facilities and staff. What I have seen has increased my motivation greatly. The entire team has given me such a warm welcome and I am really looking forward to working with them. We are already in the middle of preparing everything for the test at Paul Ricard. I feel comfortable with what I have seen so far and we will all work very hard to make the best out of the 2010 season.

What else do you do in order to prepare for the races, both physical and mentally?

Over the winter, the focus was mainly on my physical preparation. Of course, my participation in the Asia Series is a very valuable preparation as well, as there were many new things to learn. Getting the GP2 car off the grid, tyre changes, simply getting used to the entire weekend format are things I regard as very helpful for the GP2 Main Series. From a mental point of view, I think I am very strong. I was Euro F3 vice-championship last year, won a race during my first race event in a GP2 car and am happy to be with Racing Engineering, so I guess I am well prepared.

Which do you think will be your favourite track this season and why?

There are several tracks on the calendar I like very much. Hockenheim is definitely one of them. It will be my home race, and I have a lot of good memories. This is where I celebrated my first Formula 3 win and I also had several pole positions when I raced there in Formula BMW. I am also looking forward to Spa. It’s also close to where I am from and it’s such a prestigious circuit. But also Barcelona and Silverstone are events I am looking forward to. Monaco will be special for me as I have never raced there.

How do you feel about sharing the race weekends with F1 and having many decision makers watching the GP2 races?

It’s a great feeling to race together with Formula 1, knowing that drivers and team staff are watching our races. To race in Formula 1 is obviously also my ultimate goal. However, this is too far in the future at the moment. I will concentrate on my championship, my team and my races. The goal is to perform the best I can in GP2, to fight at the top and to be successful.

What are your targets for the forthcoming Paul Ricard tests?

To be the fastest! I hope to have a good start of the season with my team and learn as much as possible during these pre-season test days. I will work on getting more familiar with my team mate and for me, currently, each kilometer driven in a GP2 car is more experience gained. To finish the test at the top of the time sheets would clearly mean that we are working the right direction.


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