Practice 2: Chevrolet and Seat in command

Huf and Muller ahead of Monteiro and Coronel


By Franck D.

19 November 2010 - 08:22
Practice 2: Chevrolet and Seat in (...)

Chevrolet’s Rob Huff (2:32.751) remained on the top spot for the third time this weekend in Macau. Following a 1-hour 20-minute delay, due to red flags in the previous sessions of other series, the second practice finally got underway on the streets of Macau.

The British racer set his fastest time on his first flying lap which was then not beaten during the 30-minute session and ended 0.5 seconds faster than his team-mate Yvan Muller (2:33.264).

Tiago Monteiro (2:33.272) improved in the last ten minutes to finish third with his SR-Sport team-mate Tom Coronel (2:33.484) fourth.

Andy Priaulx (2:33.668) continued to make headway in fifth with Chevrolet’s Alain Menu (2:33.993) sixth. Darryl O’Young (2:34.121) remained the best independent, and also the best rookie, in seventh ahead of Augusto Farfus (2:34.156).

Gabriele Tarquini (2:34.171) and André Couto (2:34.631) both improved in the final minutes to end ninth and tenth respectively, before Fredy Barth hit the barrier bringing out yellow flags to the finish. The Swiss racer crashed into the barrier at Paiol ending his session with seven minutes still to run.

Before completing a flying lap Mehdi Bennani hit the barriers on the exit of the “R” Bend smashing the front-left of his BMW 320si and ending his session.

Pos. Driver Car Time Gap
01 R. Huff Chevrolet Cruze 2m32.751s
02 Y. Muller Chevrolet Cruze 2m33.264s +0.513s
03 T. Monteiro Seat Leon TDI 2m33.272s +0.521s
04 T. Coronel Seat Leon TDI 2m33.484s +0.733s
05 A. Priaulx BMW 320si 2m33.668s +0.917s
06 A. Menu Chevrolet Cruze 2m33.993s +1.242s
07 D. O’Young Chevrolet Lacetti 2m34.121s +1.370s
08 A. Farfus BMW 320si 2m34.156s +1.405s
09 G. Tarquini Seat Leon TDI 2m34.171s +1.420s
10 A. Couto Seat Leon TDI 2m34.631s +1.880s
11 N. Michelisz Seat Leon TDI 2m34.859s +2.108s
12 K. Poulsen BMW 320si 2m35.248s +2.497s
13 S. Hernandez BMW 320si 2m35.998s +3.247s
14 F. Barth Seat Leon TDI 2m36.325s +3.574s
15 F. Engstler BMW 320si 2m36.363s +3.612s
16 C. Campanico BMW 320si 2m36.585s +3.834s
17 N. Taniguchi BMW 320si 2m37.269s +4.518s
18 C. Turkington BMW 320si 2m37.423s +4.672s
19 Y. Taniguchi Chevrolet Lacetti 2m38.370s +5.619s
20 K. Chen BMW 320si 2m38.553s +5.802s
21 M. Nykjaer Seat Leon TDI 2m38.595s +5.844s
22 A. Romanov BMW 320si 2m38.948s +6.197s
23 H. Ho BMW 320si 2m40.392s +7.641s
24 P. Ma Honda Accord 2m44.157s +11.406s
25 M. Kano BMW 320si 2m44.865s +12.114s
26 J. Merszei BMW 320si 2m45.172s +12.421s
27 M. Bennani BMW 320si 14m44.502s +12m11.751s
28 K. Io Keong Honda Accord -m—.---s +-.---s
29 C. Kin Man Honda Civic -m—.---s +-.---s


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