Pierre Gasly still on top at Yas Marina

Frenchman quickest in Day 2 of testing at Yas Marina

By Franck Drui

28 November 2014 - 18:02
Pierre Gasly still on top at Yas Marina

The second day of post season testing at Yas Marina Circuit saw a slightly different entry list than the previous day: first, Norman Nato moved to RT RUSSIAN TIME whilst 2014 GP3 Series Champion Alex Lynn had his first taste of GP2 at the wheel of the Carlin car. Jazeman Jaafar switched to Racing Engineering alongside Simon Trummer. Thai driver Sandy Stuvik tested with ART Grand Prix in car #10 whilst Nicholas Latifi and Emil Bernstorff both moved to Hilmer Motorsport. Rapax tested with Kevin Ceccon and Sergey Sirotkin. GP3 racer Dino Zamparelli partnered Raffaele Marciello at Status Grand Prix. For the first time ever at an official GP2 test, a female driver appeared in the field as Dutch Beitske Visser paired up with Nathanaël Berthon at Venezuela GP Lazarus. Finally, Rio Haryanto joined Campos Racing for the day.

The morning session opened and the twenty-six cars fed onto the track. Once again, it was Campos’ Arthur Pic who set the early pace in a 1:49.645. His time – set within the first 30 minutes of the session - was never bettered until the chequered flag dropped. It was a studious and trouble-free session except for a first brief red flag period in the final hour to pick up some debris left on the track. With five minutes left on the clock, the proceedings were halted again after Nato stopped at the top of the straight. The session was not re-started and Pic enjoyed the top of the timesheet ahead of Jordan King, Esteban Ocon, Haryanto, Berthon, Pierre Gasly, Rene Binder, Marciello, Lynn and Julian Leal.

The afternoon session saw a driver change at ART with Nobuharu Matsushita replacing Koudai Tsukakoshi in car #09. It was Haryanto who set the pace before an early red flag period interrupted the proceedings: Sergey Sirotkin went off at Turn 1 and made contact with the barrier at Turn 1. The Russian was unharmed, but his Rapax machine was badly damaged and Sirotkin had to sit out the rest of the session.

When the track was live again, Gasly moved up to P2, just a few hundredths off Haryanto’s time. On his next attempt, the Frenchman from DAMS went top, but Marciello went even quicker by 2 hundredths. Times kept on tumbling down, with Pic going P1 in a 1:49.204, however rookie Ocon went even quicker with a 1:49.048 to snatch the top spot. Halfway through the session, Gasly also found some extra pace to dip under 1m49s and sat pretty at the top until the chequered flag dropped, and for the second day in a row the DAMS driver ended the day as the quickest man on track. Behind Gasly, Ocon, Pic, Marciello, Binder, Jordan King, Daniel De Jong, Haryanto, Artem Markelov rounded up the top ten.

The final day of post season testing will take place tomorrow and will start at 12.00pm local time.

Morning results

1. Arthur Pic Campos Racing 1:49.645 21
2. Jordan King Arden International 1:49.759 29
3. Esteban Ocon DAMS 1:49.812 22
4. Rio Haryanto Campos Racing 1:49.821 24
5. Nathanaël Berthon Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:49.834 27
6. Pierre Gasly DAMS 1:50.070 27
7. Rene Binder Trident 1:50.250 17
8. Raffaele Marciello Status Grand Prix 1:50.283 18
9. Alex Lynn Carlin 1:50.490 23
10. Julian Leal Carlin 1:50.496 28
11. Nicholas Latifi Hilmer Motorsport 1:50.584 23
12. André Negrao Arden International 1:50.632 22
13. Artem Markelov RT RUSSIAN TIME 1:50.668 21
14. Daniel De Jong MP Motorsport 1:50.705 11
15. Marlon Stockinger MP Motorsport 1:50.835 16
16. Jazeman Jaafar Racing Engineering 1:50.864 28
17. Sergey Sirotkin Rapax 1:50.895 20
18. Zoel Amberg Trident 1:51.002 24
19. Kevin Ceccon Rapax 1:51.029 26
20. Dino Zamparelli Status Grand Prix 1:51.060 26
21. Emil Bernstorff Hilmer Motorsport 1:51.097 21
22. Sandy Stuvik ART Grand Prix 1:51.244 36
23. Koudai Tsukakoshi ART Grand Prix 1:51.386 36
24. Beitske Visser Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:52.079 36
25. Simon Trummer Racing Engineering 1:52.186 20

Afternoon results

1. Pierre Gasly DAMS 1:48.663 30
2. Esteban Ocon DAMS 1:49.048 24
3. Arthur Pic Campos Racing 1:49.204 30
4. Raffaele Marciello Status Grand Prix 1:49.287 30
5. Rene Binder Trident 1:49.320 24
6. Jordan King Arden International 1:49.321 25
7. Daniel De Jong MP Motorsport 1:49.600 23
8. Rio Haryanto Campos Racing 1:49.639 28
9. Artem Markelov RT RUSSIAN TIME 1:49.645 26
10. André Negrao Arden International 1:49.669 22
11. Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 1:49.690 42
12. Dino Zamparelli Status Grand Prix 1:49.833 32
13. Nathanaël Berthon Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:49.836 26
14. Emil Bernstorff Hilmer Motorsport 1:49.857 35
15. Nicholas Latifi Hilmer Motorsport 1:49.883 25
16. Jazeman Jaafar Racing Engineering 1:49.956 27
17. Norman Nato RT RUSSIAN TIME 1:50.010 28
18. Marlon Stockinger MP Motorsport 1:50.040 26
19. Zoel Amberg Trident 1:50.076 24
20. Alex Lynn Carlin 1:50.138 20
21. Sandy Stuvik ART Grand Prix 1:50.189 34
22. Julian Leal Carlin 1:50.190 29
23. Kevin Ceccon Rapax 1:50.226 25
24. Simon Trummer Racing Engineering 1:50.604 24
25. Beitske Visser Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:50.799 23
26. Sergey Sirotkin Rapax 1:51.937 5



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