Petter Solberg signs up with energy-drink MAD-CROC

A new partnership for 2010


By Franck D.

28 January 2010 - 16:48
Petter Solberg signs up with energy-drin

Petter Solberg has signed up with energy-drink MAD-CROC for 2010. MAD-CROC is an international brand and are now introducing their products for the Norwegian and Swedish market.

"We will use 2010 to establish MAD-CROC in Norway and Sweden, and is quite confident that Petter Solberg will be a good promoter for us", says Bard Ove Grong, responsible for MAD-CROC in Norway and Sweden.

Petter Solberg is also happy with his new partner. "I got offers from other energy-drink companies, but chose to include MAD-CROC as my new sponsor. We have the same passion and energy, and I’m confident that this partnership will be good for both parties", says Petter Solberg.


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