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"Motorsport has been tickling me way too much for way too long"



15 November 2012 - 16:29, first crowd-funded

You probably know the crowd-funding concept that has been popping around the Internet for a few years. Inspired by this concept, Romuald Clariond made it into motorsport by founding

Having driven Local Motors’ Rally Fighter in the Gumball 3000 last May, this passionate petrol-head since childhood has developed his idea to attempt make his racing dream come true. “I’ve turned 30 and motorsport has been tickling me way too much for way too long”, declares Romuald Clariond. “I don’t want to wake up one morning when I’ll be 60 and regret not to have moved enough to give myself a chance! I’ve been thinking a bit, and the concept of Local Motors’ Rally Fighter (the first car conceived on open-source, online) inspired me to found the first motorsport program to be funded online.”

The idea is that anybody (and first the motorsport and car enthusiasts) can be part of the program. By giving from €1 (or £1, $1 or 1 whatever via PayPal), every single donor will have his/her name on the car and will be invited in the paddock and garage to be at the closest of the action at the races he/she wants. And go on track as a passenger of their racing driver.
Of course, as money is always the big issue, the program will be decided according to the budget that has been raised. On the website, a graphic gives you a clue of what can be aimed for with this or that amount of money. From MitJet 2L to Porsche Carrera Cup, passing by Trophée Andros Electrique or Peugeot RCZ Cup.

“Beside this, I will support a charity cause on the car and suit. I think it’s the minimum I can do if thanks to all I have chance to see my dream of racing come true”, adds the Frenchman, who’s already shown some good skills behind the wheel on Trophée Andros’ electric race car. “It would be a modest contribution, but I think small brooks can make big streams”, Romuald ends.

Find more information about this project on and on its Facebook page.



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