Lada Granta completes first test

At Magny-Cours


By Olivier Ferret

18 March 2014 - 07:58
Lada Granta completes first test

The new LADA Granta TC1 racing car moved its first steps at Magny-Cours in the hands of James Thompson and Rob Huff who shared duties during the test.

Sunny weather on Sunday and Monday allowed the LADA Sport Lukoil team to complete a full programme of testing and development work over the course of the two days.

Team Principal Victor Shapovalov commented: “The team did a great job to build the car in compliance with the new technical rules. The LADA Granta TC1 is completely different to its predecessor – both in terms of new parts and elements and in terms of the whole approach to car building from the point of geometry. We used the experience we gained during the previous season, but more flexible technical rules allowed us to make the car more competitive due to some innovative suspension development solutions. At the same time, the advantages of the Granta’s short wheelbase are still with us – especially its drivability. With the advent of the new regulations, we have been able to solve some problems we experienced in 2013, while retaining the core benefits of the base car. The new engine, made by LADA Sport’s partner ORECA, gives the car even more potential and the acceleration out of the corners has improved significantly. We are satisfied with this first shakedown.”

The LADA Sport Lukoil will carry out one more test session before the start of the season.



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