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31 October 2010 - 13:21

Event: FxPro Cyprus Rally
Starts: Thursday 4 November
Finishes: Saturday 6 November
Entries received: 42
IRC appearances: None
2009 winners: N/A
Surface: Gravel and asphalt
Number of stages: 14
Special stage distance: 236.64 kilometres
Liaison distance: 612.48 kilometres
Total distance: 849.12 kilometres

Itinerary (all times shown are local)

Day one, section one - Thursday 4 November:

 Start: Lemesos, 19:00hrs
 SS1: SSS Lemesos 1 (2.45kms), 20:30hrs

Day one, section two - Friday 5 November:

 Service A: Lemesos, 08:21hrs
 SS2: Kalavasos 1 (10.42kms), 09:09hrs
 SS3: Lythrodontas 1 (27.10kms), 10:07hrs
 SS4: Agioi Vavatsinias 1 (17.31kms), 11:10hrs
 Service B: Lemesos, 13:11hrs
 SS5: Kalavasos 2 (10.42kms), 14:09hrs
 SS6: Lythrodontas 2 (27.10kms), 15:07hrs
 SS7: Agioi Vavatsinias 2 (17.31kms), 16:10hrs
 Service C: Lemesos, 18:01hrs
 SS8: SSS Lemesos 2 (2.45kms), 19:35hrs
 Service D: Lemesos, 20:05hrs

Day two - Saturday 6 November:

 Service E: Lemesos, 08:06hrs
 SS9: Alassa 1 (12.76kms), 09:04hrs
 SS10: Foini 1 (31.70kms), 09:47hrs
 SS11: Galataria 1 (16.58kms), 11:10hrs
 Service F Lemesos, 12:56hrs
 SS12: Alassa 2 (12.76kms), 14:04hrs
 SS13: Foini 2 (31.70kms), 14:47hrs
 SS14: Galataria 2 (16.58kms), 16:10hrs
 Service G: Lemesos, 17:44hrs
 Finish: Lemesos, 18:03hrs


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